Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce (or re-introduce) myself. I am Emily, founder of Bliss Calm Qigong. I am a recovering stress addict, designer, Mum and Qigong teacher. I discovered Qigong when I was recovering from a sprained back and concussion after falling from a horse on to my head (oops) a few years ago. Almost immediately I could feel the difference in the movement and flexibility in my spine. What I wasn’t expecting was the huge difference it made to my recovery from concussion. 
Today, I am one of a select group of certified Advanced Holden Qigong teachers in the world, personally trained by Lee Holden. I have also studied different styles of Qigong under masters Robert Peng, John Platt, Kele Baker, Nick Loffree and Tony Galis. 
Emily Drysdale from Bliss Calm Qigong
🎶 What I am listening to right now: I am a podcast junkie and am loving the new Michelle Obama podcast. For working from home vibes I am loving Lennon Stella's latest album Three. Two. One.
📣 Morning routine: This usually involves being woken up to the loudness that is small children or by one of our kittens demanding breakfast (again, loudly). If I am in a peaceful place I will squeeze in an hour of Qigong before the house wakes, but more often than not I am grabbing a 7minute Holden Qigong 30 day challenge routine between kid "emergencies" and rushing out the door. Success looks like leaving the house with everyone dressed, and lunches packed, somewhat close to being on time.
💝One thing I can't do without: So so many things, but mostly chocolate. 
I get a real kick out of helping others find their way to peace and tranquility in their busy lives. Bliss Calm Qigong is based in New Zealand, where I run weekly Qigong classes and teach workplace wellness classes
I also teach Qigong to a worldwide audience through online classes  (thanks Covid) - there's a bunch of free classes and meditations available on the Bliss Calm Qigong YouTube channel.

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