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Finding the way back to bliss

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practise of breath and movement stretching back over 4,000 years. It’s simple to learn and can be done by everyone. 

Your teacher, Emily Drysdale, is one of a select group of Certified Advanced Holden Qigong teachers in the world. She teaches an easy to understand, practical style of Qigong based on the principles of moving with the breath, with intention, relaxation and flow. Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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After the first session I felt lifted and completely energised.  The times I can’t make it, I notice. 

- Bliss Calm Qigong® student -

My resilience is significantly greater the weeks I partake. The benefits of Qigong really do range right through from mental, to emotional and physical. 

- Bliss Calm Qigong® student -

Emily is a fabulous instructor and I highly recommend to anyone wanting to do something positive for themselves. Try it.

- Bliss Calm Qigong® student -

I’ve been tense before class and it’s amazing how it “changes you” to become more calm and a nicer person.

- Bliss Calm Qigong® Student -

I have noticed now that doing Qigong actually makes  you very flexible. I feel I have less stress and more energy. I’m so relaxed afterwards.

- Bliss Calm Qigong® student -

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Guided Meditations for Self Love

With this set of guided meditations for self love from Bliss Calm Qigong, you receive four audio meditation files designed to melt away anxiety and stress. 

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