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Forest Qigong - Outside

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In this unique Qigong class in Christchurch, we head outside to reduce stress practising in nature - in the forest at Little Hagley Park.  Stress and anxiety are transformed into inner peace, tranquillity and courage in a full mind-body workout.

We deep dive into various Qigong styles to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body and emotions. We explore breathing techniques, warm-ups, stretches, flows and standing postures. Each class finishes with a relaxing guided meditation.

  • Small class size for well-being and focussed attention

  • Personal instruction by Emily Drysdale (Advanced Holden Qigong Teacher)

  • Suitable for beginners

    Single class $15, 10 class pass $135
    (10 class passes can be used throughout the year for Forest Qigong classes)

    Tuesday, 1.30pm - 2.30pm 
    Term 2 2022: 03 May - 05 July 
    Term 4 2022: 18 October - 29 November

    Little Hagley Park, Christchurch (meet in the park, just over the footbridge on the corner of Rossall St and Carlton Mill Rd). 

    Your teacher Emily Drysdale is one of a select group of Certified Advanced Holden Qigong teachers in the world, personally trained by Lee Holden. Emily has also studied different styles of Qigong under masters Robert Peng, John Platt, Kele Baker, Nick Loffree and Tony Galis. In this class we explore various styles of Qigong including Tao Yin, Five Elements, Three Treasures, Iron Shirt, 8 Brocades and Yi Jin Jing.

    Customer Reviews

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    Anna McWha

    WOW I purchased an online class during the lockdown. I did not manage to attend it live but was given access to view it in my own time. I cannot explain how much better I feel. Emily explains everything so clearly, even though this is my first time trying Qigong I benefited hugely due to the clear instructions . So pleased to have discovered you.

    Denise Carney

    Emily, Thank you for my first ever Qigong class .
    Living outside of NYC in this time of uncertainty has been very challenging for me. I so enjoyed your class with your beautiful calming voice and energy. 💞

    Melissa Sherman

    Lovely practice. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!

    Chris de la Cruz

    I loved this routine, thank you so much!