Introducing Radiant Lotus Qigong

I'm proud to announce that after a 6 month intensive training, I've been certified as a Radiance Lotus Qigong teacher, possibly the first in New Zealand, and certainly the only teacher from New Zealand in the class of 2024. It's been an honour to learn the Radiant Lotus Qigong style of Qigong for women from Daisy Lee - with it's unique focus on supporting women's wellbeing and health projects.

The Radiant Lotus Qigong style focuses on:
  • practices for women that recharge breast and uterine health while supporting hormonal balance

  • effective ways to reduce menstrual pain, hot flashes and bone density concerns

  • graceful, flowing movements that relieve stress and discharge built-up tensions in the body, mind, and spirit

  • Tibetan Sound Healing that supports whole-body health and healing using your own unique voice

The practices are very gentle, and can be modified for health projects that you may be working with. It's been an interesting experience completing the training with a broken ankle, quickly followed by a torn ACL. As a result I've taken a keen interest how to modify the practices for health projects of all kinds, especially while seated.

"Emily, we loved your practicum video and we want to Congratulate you on a Full Pass.  You are a natural teacher.  You were in your vertical alignment teaching and you held a very strong lead energy.  Your descriptions were wonderful.  We loved that you were able to teach seated and teach proper mechanics and taught how even with a knee project you can still get the benefits from Qigong. You should be proud of yourself and your students will be blessed to have you as their teacher."  

Sincerely, Daisy and the Faculty Review Team


Keep an eye Radiant Lotus Qigong classes this summer, when classes return.

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