Quick morning Qigong - 5 mins and you're sorted for the day

We don't always have a full hour, or even 30 minutes to squeeze in a Qigong practice before life takes over in the mornings. Even if all you've got is five minutes to yourself - this is all you need to start your day feeling calm, relaxed and ready to go. 

  • Learn a quick tapping technique to get you motivated in the morning - especially good for those times everything feels like a grind.
  • Wake up your body without the caffeine crash with "knocking on the door of life". This technique sends subtle vibration to the organs, especially to the adrenals and kidneys which are key to boosting energy levels.
  • Learn how to kick anxiety to the curb with "water waves". Especially soothing for those mornings after a broken sleep.
  • Learn how to gather and centre your energy in your body's earth centre, the lower Tan Tien to start the day feeling grounded, centred and powerful.

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