Qigong for calm kids

Imagine a world where you feel completely relaxed and at ease with yourself and inspired by the world around you. Sadly that's not a reality for the skyrocketing number of kids who suffer from anxiety.

Childhood anxiety is a growing issue worldwide. It's particularly challenging for sensitive kids growing up in the stress soup of post-earthquake Christchurch. So what causes anxiety and what can you do about it? In this video, brain researcher Nathan Wallis explores anxiety in kids, looking at why some kids even within the same family are resilient and others suffer from crippling anxiety.

Kids love feeling their energy come alive and respond really quickly to the simple yet powerful relaxation and balancing techniques used in Qigong. This can be really useful for anxious or sensitive children to cope in our stressful world.

Last year fourteen kids from the UK were invited to the European Health Qigong Games after practising Qigong for a year at school.

"Rheeya, 11, told Xinhua that she was lucky to be selected to join the Qigong club at school and she now likes practising it every day by herself at home.

"Because it's very fun and it's very slow. It's a great thing to do. I want to learn lots more and become better at it," she said."

Interested in bringing the powerful calming practise of Qigong to your school either in the classroom or after school? Get in touch.

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