Are you thriving or surviving?

If you are anything like me, just getting through the day in one piece can seem like a monumental achievement. Stretching, pushing to jam in more, achieve more, but really it's like running faster and faster on a hamster wheel. No one is at the imaginary finish line cheering for you, instead the finish line keeps moving just out of reach, if only you do a bit more you can make it right? Well, actually no. It can be really hard to stop this cycle of doing more, and listen to your body, pause and give back to yourself.

Take a moment to tune in to where you are right now without judgement. Take stock of how your are feeling - how is your energy level, do you have any niggles or pain in your body, what's working well for you?

Thrive Global have also released a 10 question assessment to take stock of where you are at in your life right now and identify ways you can thrive.

Qigong is one (great) way to give your mind and body a holiday, even if it's just for a few minutes a day. Need a quick pick me up? Try this quick stress relieving flow from Lee Holden.

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