Qigong for Concussion Recovery

Recovering from concussion can be a life altering experience. Often you have less energy, are sensitive to noise and light, have balance issues not to mention the splitting ever present headaches. Your symptoms can make joining a regular exercise class quite an ordeal. Join me for a rejuvenating and uplifting Qigong session tailored for where you are at in your recovery.

Emily Drysdale from Bliss Calm Qigong in Hagley Park

Qigong gently enlivens the spine, enabling free flow of blood between the brain and the sacrum, vital for a healing brain. Moves can be tailored to where you are at, from a deep physical opening to a gentle subtle practice. You don’t even need to stand up! Qigong can be practiced sitting down, and if you can’t sit we can modify the moves to be done lying down.

Available both online or in person.


NZ $120 / hour for a private lesson (online or in person)

NZ $20 / hour for a group lesson of 6 – 12 people

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