About me

Emily Drysdale from Bliss Calm Qigong with Lee Holden from Holden Qigong
Emily Drysdale at Advanced Holden Qigong Teacher Training in 2019 with Lee Holden, Holden Qigong

Hi, I’m Emily Drysdale. The only Certified Advanced Holden Qigong Instructor (500 hours) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I am also a single mum with two little girls, a visual designer and a recovering stress monkey. Please join me as I rediscover what it means to be calm and live blissfully in this crazy busy world.

I discovered Holden Qigong when I was recovering from a sprained back and concussion after falling from a horse on to my head (oops). Almost immediately I could feel the difference in the movement and flexibility in my spine. It allowed me to come off pain medication and finally have a good night’s sleep without waking up in searing pain.Emily Drysdale from Bliss Calm Qigong in the Redwoods near Santa Cruz, California

What I wasn’t expecting was the huge difference it made to my recovery from concussion – I like to think of it as my secret weapon, it’s that good! Post concussion syndrome is an invisible debilitating condition that can be overwhelming to manage. Developing a daily practice of Holden Qigong allows me to keep my symptoms at arms length without needing to resort to medication and its side effects.

Discovering Qigong has been truly life changing for me. To be able to facilitate others on their own unique journey of healing and health through teaching Qigong is enormously rewarding.

If you’d like to book a class with me, you can either book online, or send me a message below, I’d love to hear from you.

Emily Drysdale and Lee Holden, certified Advanced Holden Qigong teacher
Holden Qigong master Lee Holden with Emily Drysdale graduating as an Advanced Holden Qigong teacher in Santa Cruz, 2019.

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