Going with the flow…

Just south of Santa Cruz, in Moss Landing, California I had the enormous privilege of sea kayaking with 15 enormous humpback whales as they (and about a hundred sea lions and sea birds) ate lunch last month.

Sea Kayaking with Humpback whales in Moss Landing, California

They were in equal measures beautiful, awe inspiring and terrifying. I shouldn’t have been even a little bit uncomfortable, as they actually were incredibly kind to us given we were probably quite hard to avoid (just google whale landing on sea kayak and you’ll see what I mean). The sea lions were like sea puppies, having the time of their life chasing around where the whales surfaced looking for a free bite. The sea birds were competitive to last scrap.

The grace, beauty and gentleness of these amazing giant sea creatures still sits with me today. They don’t rush, they take their time. They are the living embodiment of the Qigong philosophy of going with the flow. A wonderful way to live if you ask me.

Massive thanks to the brave and wonderful Gianna who piloted our kayak, with a remarkable resilience despite suffering a fully asleep leg due to a (very painful) pinched nerve for most of the journey meaning we could only turn in one direction!  She was well outside her comfort zone, yet didn’t let on quite how bad it was until we were safely back to shore.

Dave from Venture Quest Kayak tours totally over delivered on the promised whales and sea life, an experience I’ll find hard to forget.

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