What is Qi?

Often I get asked how I’m doing, not just in a polite “I’m zooming past on my way to get my caffeine fix” kinda way but in a deep & meaningful “where have you been for the last six months then eh?” kinda way. I try to be honest, and inevitably Qigong gets the credit for the good vibes. But figuring out an elevator pitch for Qigong has been a bit hit & miss. Normally I describe it as a 4,000 year old Chinese technique a bit like yoga, then you see a lightbulb go off. When I mention it gives more energy and less stress, then people want to know more. Is it religious? Is it physical like yoga? Is it that tai chi thing? It’s turning out to be a great little conversation starter. Here’s a much more eloquent explanation of what Qi is from my teacher Lee Holden.

I took the beach photo this week after my first unplugged Qigong session at the beach. It was just me, the surf, some very intrigued dogs (and the doggy owners trying not to stare while their pooches joined in).

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